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Why a Website?

Having a website is critical in today's market. The Internet has changed the way we buy and sell products and services and the way we obtain information.  Just a few years ago, a web site was considered a "nice thing to have" but today, it is imperative for companies to embrace an online strategy in order to compete in the new e-economy.

  • 82% of Americans are online - can they find your business?

  • Many people research their business needs at night - YOUR site will always be open to them.

  • You can use your site as an extension to current advertising (phone, newspapers, magazines, etc.)

  • You can use your site to educate your customers and potential customers - a huge saver for you!!

  • Word of mouth referrals need a way to find and learn about your business!!

Companies who embrace an online strategy will quickly find themselves in a leadership position because of their increased exposure in the global marketplace. Companies that ignore the web run the risk of having their existing competitors and emerging "dot com's" exploit the web to their advantage.

Having a website can help broaden the scope of one's business. Customers shop and compare prices now more than ever before and the Internet offers a powerful, quick and efficient way to do so. If your competition is online, you should be there also. Your customers can go online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get answers and information about your business, even if your business is closed for the day.

Being online also helps to to reach new clients as your website gives customers and potential customers all the information about your business they need. Online customers will have an immediate resource in their homes for reference.

Also, having an online presence will enable you to compete with much larger and better capitalized companies to promote your goods and services and also enable you to give instant notice of new offerings or specials.

Just imagine the possibilities!

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